17hundred90 Inn & Restaurant

Fried Green Tomatoes

Room 106

Main Dining Room

Shrimp and Scallop Scampi

Room 204
(The Haunted Room)

ROOM 104: March 10, 2012

My husband and I went on a ghost tour, and when we got back I was so tired. I emptied my pockets and took my jewelry off. I put everything on top of the dresser with the mirror that is closest to the door. I specifically remember taking off the Tiffany Chain. I was wearing it and stretching it out against the wood that holds the mirror. I remember this particularly because the chain is so heavy and is very easy to lay out flat. I put my hoop earrings and threw them on top of the necklace. A few minutes later I walked out onto the porch and my husband went into the bathroom. He started calling my name very loudly, like something was wrong. I went in to see what was going on. One of my earrings was on the floor of the bathroom. The other earring and my necklace were gone. I found them in the cabinet underneath the sink. Neither I nor my husband put them there! Maybe it was Anna!

We loved the hotel! Everything was very beautiful!

*A J S


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