17hundred90 Inn & Restaurant

Fried Green Tomatoes

Room 106

Main Dining Room

Shrimp and Scallop Scampi

Room 204
(The Haunted Room)

Room 205: February 27, 2011

I came here to see a ghost. I love being spooked and have that eerie connection, unfortunately the first night there was no encounter, just some footsteps and maybe a few unknown noises. I woke up several times hoping she would be standing there, but no luck! Last night, however, as I was sound asleep and had given up on the ghost I noticed that when I sleep outside the covers I can feel something brushing up against my feet and legs. At first I thought it was my husband but then I realized it couldn’t be him. It woke me up twice. We loved it here and found all the staff to be very attentive and helpful. We will return again. K.D. from Viola, Fl

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