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Don’t Just Tread on Me: Beauty Underfoot at the Inn

Thank you to our friends at Eckard’s Flooring Savannah GA for noticing our cozy fireplace and historic flooring in their article “Historic Floors of Savannah”. We know that space was short, so they couldn’t mention all of the beautiful flooring in our rooms and dining areas, so we thought we’d show some here:

17hundred90-rooms-and-garden (1)

In this room, you can see the hardwood flooring Savannah is famous for. To keep it cozy, we added an ornamental rug that complements the warm tones of the wood. The rich wood of the doorways doesn’t hurt, as well as the opulent furniture and textures.

17hundred90-rooms-and-garden (2)

Naturally rich in color and texture, this hardwood flooring sets the tone for the whole room. Its warm color palette plays off of the wood’s depth: window treatments, furniture, bedding, rug and flooring all come together for one indulgent guest room.

17hundred90-rooms-and-garden (3)

Outside, the stone patio only gets better with age. The weathered look goes perfectly with our wrought iron-style furniture. Oxidation plays off the fresh greenery, bringing the whole experience back to life.

17hundred90-rooms-and-garden (4)

Everyone knows that wood floor equals luxury. This guestroom’s fit-for-royalty theme is enhanced by real hardwood floors and accessories, theatrical lighting and lavish bedding. We hate to tell you this but you may not want to leave!


Room 303. It’s homey, but not too homey. The dark wood floor plus the plush rug makes for a wonderfully cozy experience. You will feel like your back home, but better!

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