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US Airways Magazine Poses Questions About the Ghost of Anna

Posted in In the News by Patrick

US Airways Magazine asks about the Ghost of Anna: Savannah’s ghost tours pose gripping riddles.  Is the 1790 Inn haunted by a servant girl who was impregnated and abandoned by a sailor?    

CNN.com Describes 17hundred90 as a Favorite Haunted Spot in Savannah

Posted in In the News by Patrick

From the CNN.com article 9 haunted spots across America: Robert Edgerly, founder of one of the city’s popular walking ghost tours and author of “Savannah Hauntings,” said that the 17hundred90 Inn is one of his favorite local spots. The 17hundred90 Inn, first built in the 1800s, is proud of its paranormal history, with an entire section of

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My Ghost Story on A&E

In January of 2011 the My Ghost Story show on A&E contacted us looking for stories of the famous ghost Anna.  The show flew Patrick and Jackie out to LA to interview in their studio and sent a cameraman on the return flight to film here at the Historic inn.  Then the waiting began.  The story

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ROOM 104: March 10, 2012

Posted in At the Inn, Room 104 by Patrick

My husband and I went on a ghost tour, and when we got back I was so tired. I emptied my pockets and took my jewelry off. I put everything on top of the dresser with the mirror that is closest to the door. I specifically remember taking off the Tiffany Chain. I was wearing

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May 28-31 2011

Posted in At the Inn by Patrick

The only experiences we had were a great sense of creepiness the first night and the inability to stay asleep. Whether in expectation of something or that “thing” which you sense someone is there that wakes you up. I did hear glass shattering during the night, it was loud enough to wake me but didn’t 

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Room 204: April 8-10, 2011

Posted in At the Inn, Room 204 by Patrick

John and Kathy came from Greenville, SC to spend the weekend with Anna. Heard footsteps and floor creaking. Got touched and saw her shadow.

Room 204: April 2, 2011

Posted in At the Inn, Room 204 by Patrick

A group of 4 boys stayed in room 204. This is our experience. After going on a ghost tour, we expected an over-bearing, intimidating “ghost,” The first hour, 10-11PM, we sat in silence  discussing some of our relationship experiences, especially failures.  Upon the completion of the last story, we all heard the distinct sound of

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Room 204: March 28, 2011

Posted in At the Inn, Room 204 by Patrick

March 28, 2011 N.H. and TJ G. from Atlanta came here to conduct a paranormal investigation and look further into the stories behind this hotel.  So far the second log book has come up missing and footsteps have been heard in the hallway.   Nothing interesting has come through the audio recorders, however we found a

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